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Basic Theory

  1. Centerline Theory: Wing Chun emphasizes protecting your centerline while attacking the opponent’s centerline. The centerline is a vertical line running from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet.

  2. Four Gates and Eight Directions: The four gates refer to the four defensive areas of the body (upper, lower, left, and right), while the eight directions refer to the eight attacking angles.

Basic Stance

  1. Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma (Character Two Adduction Stance): Feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, toes turned inward slightly, with the weight sinking down. This stance helps improve stability and explosive power.

Basic Hand Techniques

  1. Biu Jee (Thrusting Fingers): Extend the fingers straight out, using the finger strength for quick jabs.

  2. Tan Sau (Palm Up Hand): Palm facing upward, used to deflect and control the opponent’s attack.

  3. Bong Sau (Wing Arm): Arm positioned horizontally to deflect the opponent’s attack and prepare for a counterattack.

  4. Fuk Sau (Controlling Hand): Palm facing downward, used to press down the opponent’s arm.

Basic Footwork

  1. Chasing Step: Quick forward movement used to pursue and pressure the opponent.

  2. Side Step: Lateral movement used to evade and adjust attack angles.

Training Methods

  1. Siu Nim Tau: The foundational form of Wing Chun, encompassing all basic hand techniques and footwork. Repeated practice enhances strength, speed, and coordination.

  2. Wooden Dummy: Training with a wooden dummy improves precision and combat skills.

  3. Chi Sau (Sticking Hands): Partner training where practitioners develop sensitivity to the opponent’s force and direction, improving reaction speed and agility.

Combat Application

  1. Contact and Counter: Wing Chun emphasizes counterattacking as soon as contact is made with the opponent, maximizing the use of time and space.

  2. Chain Attacks: Once an attack is initiated, continuous strikes are delivered until the opponent is neutralized.


  1. Stay Relaxed: Maintaining a relaxed body during training and combat improves speed and reaction time.

  2. Regular Practice: Consistent daily practice of basics and forms is essential for skill improvement.

  3. Self-Protection: Always prioritize self-protection during sparring or combat to avoid injury.

By systematically learning and persistently practicing, you can gradually master the essence of Wing Chun, enhancing your self-defense capabilities and physical fitness.

Difficulty 1: Cultural Differences

Kung Fu is a martial art deeply rooted in Chinese culture and philosophy. Students who do not understand Chinese may find it challenging and difficult to fully grasp its deep cultural and philosophical connotations, which may affect their learning process and understanding of Kung Fu.

Solution: Although Kung Fu is closely related to Chinese culture, learners can gain a better understanding of Kung Fu through a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and philosophy. This can be achieved by reading relevant literature, participating in cultural exchanges or finding an instructor with cultural understanding.

Difficulty 2: Language Barriers

Many traditional kung fu training materials and instruction are in Chinese. This may create a learning barrier for students who do not understand Chinese.

Solution: For students who do not understand Chinese, finding a kung fu school or instructor whose language of instruction is English or another common language may be a solution. Alternatively, students can utilize online resources and translation tools to overcome language barriers.

Difficulty 3: Limited training resources

Finding traditional and experienced Kung Fu masters can be relatively difficult. While there are some schools that teach kung fu, they may not be as popular or authentic as those in China.

Solution: Finding suitable Kung Fu training resources may require some patience and effort. Students can find quality training opportunities by consulting the local martial arts community, visiting different schools, or searching for well-known kung fu masters.

Difficulty 4: Time and financial commitment

Learning kung fu requires long-term commitment and practice. Due to modern fast-paced lifestyles, dedicating a significant amount of time to martial arts training may be challenging for some people. In addition, tuition and equipment costs can be high.

Solution:Learning Kung Fu does require a commitment of time and money, but it is up to the student to devise a reasonable program of study to suit their daily life and financial situation. In addition, some schools offer flexible tuition and schedule options.

Difficulty 5: Differences in Fitness Culture

Modern fitness culture is usually more focused on modern gyms and equipment training. Kung Fu, a traditional martial art, may not be mainstreamed into the fitness culture.

Solution: While Kung Fu may not be mainstream in modern fitness culture, the nature of Kung Fu was never meant to be a fitness-oriented training, but rather a training to improve one’s resistance to risk and skill. Fitness is only an incidental attribute of kung fu.

Of course, the issues mentioned above were indeed a major problem before they were added to our ranks, and required a lot of time and effort to solve. However, now, with the mission to promote the Chinese martial arts, we are actively engaged in providing all-round solutions to those who aspire to learn Kung Fu. Our philosophy is clear: to promote Chinese martial arts.

With us, all these problems will be solved. We back up our commitment with action:

Language Barriers: We offer multi-language versions, including Chinese, English, and translations into other major world languages. No matter where you come from, you can easily understand and learn Kung Fu.

Training resources: We offer 24/7 online one-on-one coaching support at all times to ensure that you are always guided and assisted in your learning process. No matter where you are, we are there for you.

Free Training Equipment: To encourage students to train consistently, we systematically provide free equipment support with the same sizes and models of equipment used in ODK Kung Fu. This is at no extra cost to you, as our goal is to spread the word about Chinese Kung Fu, not to make a profit.

Official Certification: Upon completion of the course, students will receive an official badge certified by the Chinese Wushu Association, which recognizes and honors their achievements.

Supporting the creation of a martial arts school: We are even willing to provide financial support if students are interested in opening a martial arts school and teaching kung fu in their own community. We sincerely look forward to helping them realize this desire.

We are here not only to solve problems, but also to provide more opportunities and support to make learning and spreading Chinese Kung Fu smoother and more enjoyable. We firmly believe that Chinese martial arts is a valuable cultural heritage and we are committed to passing it on and sharing it with the world.

Focus Attention: Maintain a high level of concentration during both practice and real combat, engaging in thoughtful consideration of movements. While initial training may involve distractions, consistent effort leads to a rapid improvement in attention.

Build Perseverance: Start training from basic skills to foster a willingness to endure hardship, refining one’s determination. This perseverance not only manifests in martial arts but also positively impacts one’s approach to challenges in life.

Enhance Physical Fitness: Martial arts training, involving actions like leg stretches, splits, and kicks, not only improves flexibility but also enhances body qualities such as strength, control, stability, and endurance.

Promote Physical Development: Martial arts training during rapid growth periods helps maintain good posture and may contribute to correcting issues like hunching or rounded shoulders, potentially even facilitating an increase in height.

Cultivate Independence and Self-Care: Emphasizing immediate action in martial arts training encourages goal-setting, the development of good habits, a resilient personality, a proactive mindset, and courageous experimentation.

Emphasize Etiquette: Martial arts places importance on etiquette, beginning and ending with respect. This fosters politeness and a respectful attitude towards others, contributing to the promotion of traditional values.

Boost Immune System: Martial arts training increases physical resistance, reducing the risk of illness, and promotes adaptive improvements in the structure and function of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, enhancing agility and quickening reflexes.

Develop Cooperation Skills and Collective Pride: Martial arts involve both individual and collective competitions, requiring coordinated teamwork and nurturing a sense of cooperation, discipline adherence, and collective honor.

Stay Positive, Love Sports: Martial arts competitions instill a persistent training attitude, assisting in breaking bad habits, instilling self-discipline, and laying a solid foundation for life. A positive mindset and a love for sports contribute to overall well-being.

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For 18 years, we’ve been refining and enhancing our teaching systems, tailoring our courses to help beginners incrementally advance their skills. Our step-by-step teaching approach lays down the fundamentals for beginners and guides them gracefully from novices to experts. Trust in our legacy of development, crafted to enrich not only learning but also the cultivation of true martial arts skill.

Your Kung Fu journey is not only a quest for physical excellence but also an exploration of personal martial achievement. With our support, combined with your unwavering commitment, we believe you can edge closer to becoming as legendary as figures like Robert Downey Jr., Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan. Utilize our experience, our commitment, and our innovation to make your Kung Fu dreams a vivid reality.
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